August 10, 2022
Smart Glasses Are Great, But Have You Seen This Supercool Wilson IoT Hat?

If you thought a smartwatch or a pair of smart glasses were the latest wearables on the market, this quirky hat will prove you wrong. We are talking about a DIY project that can be made at home if you are willing to follow a few steps. But before we get into how to build it, let’s delve a little deeper into Wilson – the IoT Hat. The hat’s maker, Olivier Zegeling, says the wearer can control it with a smartphone. “You can also have a cap displaying incoming SMS messages,” says Zegeling.

Zegeling posted a video on YouTube showing him wearing the Wilson and demonstrating how it functions. In a 27-second video, Zegeling types a message “Let’s Party” on his mobile phone and it displays the same thing on the multicolored LED matrix used on the hat. “I used the #Arduino Nano, a bluetooth module, and a flexible LED-strip in this build. Cheap and easy,” says Zegeling.

The hat’s maker has also shared instructions for technology enthusiasts who want to try making something similar at home. Zegeling says that the cap is equipped with a multicolored LED matrix and some electronics. Also, it comes with a smartphone app to control it. Not only can he display messages in different styles using his smartphone, but he can also show incoming text messages, he says.

But it’s not just fun and games. Since such a product can be easily misused, Ziegling says, “a blacklist function exists to prevent misuse (you don’t want to send a bad message), and an auto-reply function is available (and many more). Have fun) (sic).” It’s easy to build because its programming is straightforward, says Zegeling.

A single 9V battery powers an Arduino Nano microcontroller board, an HC-05 bluetooth module, and an LED matrix. While the LED matrix is ​​on top of the cap for obvious reasons, some other components are placed internally, with not a single wire sticking out. All you need is some shrink sleeves and glue to stick it under the top of the hat.

Zegeling has published a slightly longer explainer on how to make Wilson – the IoT Hat On InstructionsA website specializing in user-made DIY projects.

You, too, can try making your own hat and name it whatever you want.

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