August 12, 2022
Timex iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch Review: Looks Aren’t Always Enough

The Timex iConnect Premium Active is a new smartwatch from the old brand Timex, and it offers a premium look with a color touchscreen. It can track your activity, sleep quality and heart rate and give you reminders to drink water and get out of your seat. The Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch also provides notifications from the email and messaging apps you use on your phone. It alerts you to a call and lets you calm down with breathing exercises.

Timex iConnect Premium Active is priced at Rs. 6,995 with silicone strap and Rs. 7,295 with a stainless steel mesh strap. It has a bunch of features, but is it good value for money? I have been using it for more than a month and here is my detailed review.

Timex iConnect Premium Active Design

One of the most attractive aspects of the Timex iConnect Premium Active is its premium look. The unit I got has a flexible rose gold stainless steel mesh band, and I think it looks great on my wrist. This watch is primarily designed for women, and suits slim wrists. There’s a squarish touchscreen with gold edges, and the watch looks sleek, especially when paired with a mesh band. Timex also offers a silicone band option at a slightly lower cost. The dial has significant bezels on all sides of the display, especially the bottom, making the actual area of ​​the touchscreen smaller. There are no buttons, and navigation is based entirely on touch input.

Timex iconnect Premium Active Gadgets360 1 1 Timex iConnect Premium Active

The Timex iConnect Premium Active features a flexible rose gold stainless steel mesh band

The replaceable stainless steel mesh strap stays in place using a magnet. I noticed that on very few occasions, especially while playing badminton, it gave way. The Timex iConnect Premium Active loosened its grip on my wrist and could possibly fall. The silicone strap has a buckle closure, making it a better option for active users.

Timex iConnect Premium Active Features and Interface

The Timex iConnect Premium Active has a 36mm dial with rounded edges and a metal frame. The watch is said to be IP68 water resistant, and it did not suffer any damage while wearing it, washing dishes or doing any other work with water. UI navigation is simple. Swiping down shows options for adjusting the brightness, toggling DND mode, and shutting down the smartwatch. However, there is no automatic brightness adjustment. Swiping up opens the notification panel, which shows you alerts from your phone. There is no way to reply to incoming messages or emails. Even call alerts are only viewable; You can’t mute the ringer or reject a call through the watch.

You can change it by long-pressing the watch face, and there are five options available on the device. The menu, which can be accessed by swiping to the left, shows daily activity data i.e. the number of steps you have taken, the distance you have covered and the calories you have burned. Tapping the heart rate indicator will automatically start reading your heart rate and showing the results. The watch also records your sleep patterns, gives you data as well as differentiates between deep and light sleep.

The Timex iConnect Premium Active only has seven workout modes: walking, running, climbing, horseback riding, basketball, elliptical and yoga. Other basics such as swimming and even free training are not included.

Timex iconnect Premium Active Gadgets360 1 2 Timex iConnect Premium Active

Timex iConnect Premium Active is able to monitor your heart rate

There’s a timer feature, a weather widget that tells you the temperature, and a “relax” option that lets you cool down along with breathing exercises. Timex iConnect Premium Active lets you control your phone’s music and even has a Find My Phone feature. The watch doesn’t have an always-on display option. There are metal pins on the bottom for charging.

Timex iConnect Premium Active Companion App

To pair the Timex iConnect Premium Active, users need to download the iConnect By Timex 2 app to their phone. The pairing process on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 was fairly easy, without any hiccups. The dashboard, or the app’s home page, shows full details of your daily activity i.e. active time, distance covered, steps and calories burned. If you tap on the banner, and Weekly Sleep Data, it shows you your most recent heart rate measurement, along with the measurement history.

The app offers basic customizable controls such as setting time intervals for sedentary alerts and reminders to drink water. You can also change the orientation of the wrist and add an alarm. There is an option to turn on daily heart rate recording, but the device does not support 24×7 continuous monitoring and you cannot change the interval between each measurement. Lastly, you can decide which apps will show you notifications.

Timex iconnect Premium Active Gadgets360 App Timex iConnect Premium Active

Timex iConnect Premium Active Pairs with iConnect By Timex 2 App

There are four additional watch faces provided within the app in addition to the default ones on the Timex iConnect Premium Active. Beyond that, there are no personalization features, and I notably missed out on options to control being able to wake up the display by just lifting my wrist, how long the display stays on before going to standby, and even Even a flashlight. There are no period or ovulation tracking, stress monitoring, or SpO2 measurement features on the Timex iConnect Premium Active.

Timex iConnect Premium Active Display

Over the course of several weeks with the Timex iConnect Premium Active, I ran various tests to gauge its performance. Touch input took a while to get used to and it’s not the easiest implementation I’ve ever come across. The heart rate tracker and sleep tracker managed to produce satisfactory results comparing readings from similar known devices, with sleep data aligning with the quality of sleep I experienced the night before.

With average usage, the Timex iConnect Premium Active’s battery lasted about four days. This is with brightness kept at maximum level and daily half-hour run. If the brightness drops, then each full charge should last longer, but I don’t recommend it because it has significant reflectivity, especially when its sunny outside. There is a connector on the back for charging, and it took me about two and a half hours to fully charge the device.

Timex iconnect Premium Active Gadgets360 1 4 Timex iConnect Premium Active

The back of the Timex iConnect Premium Active has a magnetic connector for charging

To test the accuracy of step and distance tracking, I manually counted 1,000 steps while wearing the Timex iConnect Premium Active. The fitness band counted 970 steps, which is significantly less accurate than most devices. I also covered 1km, verified in advance using the car’s odometer, and the smartwatch calculated it to be 1.02km, which isn’t too far off the mark.


If you want a great looking smartwatch, the Timex iConnect Premium Active is worth considering. However, it lacks a lot of features. There needs to be more workout modes, period and ovulation tracking (given that this watch is targeted at women), and more options in terms of watch faces, as well as the ability to customize them. Activity tracking isn’t exactly accurate when compared to smartwatches from other brands like Amazfit. There’s no configurable 24×7 heart rate monitor, and I want SpO2 tracking to become an essential feature for all smartwatches in these uncertain times.

Also, I don’t recommend a mesh band if you workout a lot, as it tends to loosen with athletic movement. Selling for Rs. 6,995 with silicone strap or Rs. With a 7,295 stainless steel mesh one, the Timex iConnect Premium Active smartwatch should help transform the brand from a traditional watchmaker to a company that now has a range of smartwatches and fitness bands. However, there are some great alternatives such as the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini and even the Realme Watch S at almost the same price.

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