August 18, 2022
Was it supposed to be the next big thing but flopped?  reddit users answer

Have you ever wondered what the next “big thing” should be but completely flopped? Can you remember something that was really huge at the time or before its launch, but didn’t live up to the expectations or could never find a place in the hearts and minds of its audience? A gadget, a video game, an app or even a vehicle that was considered revolutionary.

a thread The title, “What was supposed to be ‘The Next Big Thing, but a complete flop?’ Reddit can really help us find the answer. Here’s what users had to say about it:

amazon dash shopping button

Designed to make ordering products easier and faster, the Amazon Dash Shopping Button was supposed to be revolutionary. One user, SpookyWeaselBone, said they were hilarious. “Amazon practically turned them away because they were sure they would make it back in increased sales, but the only people I saw buying them were the manufacturer crowd that just wanted parts,” he said. wrote.

Another user, Hairheal, said that Amazon launched the product on April 1, but explained that it was no joke. “I saw a lot of social media posts from people saying, ‘Hey this is a joke, but I want it’. I think Amazon saw them and took a shot at making it a real product. I went for toilet paper Bought one and put it in the cabinet where I keep the spare roll. You take the last roll out, you press the button. It really kinda works,” said the user.

small mobile phone

There was a time when it was not a big screen smartphone owner but a small smartphone trend. “Cell phones got smaller and smaller for 20 years. Often the main selling point of the phone. Then suddenly you could watch video on your phone, and almost overnight the trend reversed. ‘Bigger is better’, said one user. he said.

Another user, the biryani babe, recalled that a girl from her school had a 1.5″x1.5″ flip phone when it was closed. “But it will store only 3 numbers. That was a crazy phase,” she added

This trend has tried to make a comeback many times, but so far, it has not found acceptance in comparison to the huge slabs we use every day.


A Segway is a personal vehicle with two wheels mounted on one side under a platform, which the rider stands on, holding the handler. One Reddit user, TheLinguaFranca said that this vehicle was supposed to revolutionize travel and replace the automobile. “Now they are just used for guided tours to dorks in tourist traps,” said the user.

“It cannot be overstated how much hype there was around the Segway, or that it was a complete failure for the hype,” said user redpars.

Another user, xxzzxxvv, said that Segway is expected to change the way everyone lives. “Invention of the century or something like that. It’s really a big deal.”

The Segway was eventually acquired by Xiaomi-backed robotics company Ninebot, and used this technology to create the electric scooters that are now ubiquitous in cities.

Why did Google+ fail?

In October 2018, Google announced that it would be shutting down its social network platform, Google+, which was once supposed to compete with Facebook. One Reddit user said that the platform was better than Facebook for a while “except for the fact that hardly anyone used it, which naturally didn’t make it better than Facebook”.

The user said, “And then they changed their UI to look like Facebook (which made it worse) and then everyone I knew stopped using it.”

Another person said, “Dude… I loved G+… I got a lot of friends there and we had a community and everything with our art and memes… it’s sad that now It’s all over.”

“Yeah, I use it the same way I use Reddit these days,” said one person, who agreed. “It was such a great platform, but they handled it the wrong way.”

Google Glass failure

Google Glass was another answer that was upvoted almost 53,000 times on the platform. For all the hype, the product can hardly live up to it.

One user wrote, “The biggest issue I heard was that it was too heavy and felt uncomfortable, but they literally couldn’t light it up.”

As some people pointed out, the dorky look was not working in her favor either.

“The dorky look didn’t help, but the biggest thing that killed them were honestly the privacy issues—namely, all the douchebags with growth models constantly recording people at restaurants and chatting with them.

“They looked so dull,” said another.

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