August 15, 2022
4 seriously injured in lightning strike near White House

Four people were injured in a lightning strike near the White House on Thursday evening, according to fire officials.

District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Service officials said two men and two women were taken to hospitals after they were found just before 7 p.m. in Lafayette Square. They were found about 100 feet from the Andrew Jackson statue just north of the White House, DC Fire Department spokesman Vito Magiolo said at an evening news conference.

Officials said all four suffered serious, life-threatening injuries. The exact cause of his injuries is being investigated.

“We only know for sure that lightning struck the area around them and all four were injured,” Magiolo said Thursday night.

He said Secret Service and National Park Police officers were near the strike site and were able to provide immediate assistance to the victims.

“Whenever someone near you is injured, the ability to provide immediate life-saving care is critical to the outcome, and that’s what happened here today,” Magiolo said.

Andrew Jackson statueA bronze cast of the seventh president, atop a horse, sits on a marble base and is surrounded by a fence.

about 27 people died On average over the past 10 years, lightning strikes occur every year in the US. Only 10% of people are killed by lightning.

there were two national guards Strike In 2020, he was hospitalized after being struck by lightning in Lafayette Square.

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