August 15, 2022
Actor Anne Heche seriously burned after car accident at Los Angeles home: report

According to multiple news reports, Emmy-winning actor Anne Heche, whose film roles include 1998’s “Six Days Seven Nights” and 1997’s “Donnie Brasco,” was seriously injured Friday when her car crashed into her Los Angeles home. crashed in.

Fire department officials said around 60 firefighters responded to the accident site and brought the blaze under control after an hour.

Eyewitnesses said the actor, who initially crashed in an apartment complex garage, left the site and fled again, TMZ reports.

Another clip shows first responders carrying a fully covered body on a stretcher to an ambulance, but then a woman pushes herself out of the bag and begins to sit.

TMZ also published a photo of Heche inside the car, as well as a red-capped bottle in its cupholder.

Sources told TMZ that Heche’s condition prevented doctors from determining whether she was under the influence of alcohol while driving a Mini Cooper.

HuffPost has contacted a representative for Heche for comment.

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