August 10, 2022
Beagle rescued from breeding center becomes guest of honor at joyful party

Three Beagles rescued from a closed Virginia breeding center celebrated the new life ahead of them this week with a sweet party.

Cambridge, Sheffield and Wales are among thousands of beagles seeking new homes since the Envigo facility in Cumberland County – which was bred to use dogs as breeding test subjects – has more than 70 animals. Closed after being cited for welfare violations.

The three dogs are now in the care of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego County, California. Center organized a party on August 1, a date Sometimes referred to as “dogst”. Or unofficial birthdays for shelter dogs whose actual birthdays are unknown.

Wells is checking the condition of the Beagle cake.
Wells is checking the condition of the Beagle cake.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

“These Beagles have lived inside a kennel for years,” says HWAC Animal Care Supervisor Jenny Bouche said in a press release, “No one has ever celebrated them or the beauty of their existence. We have had to estimate their age based on teeth and examinations. In many ways, these beagles represent the type of dog completely forgotten to be respected. Dogst was made.”

The bash included gifts, toys and even a dog birthday cake. The Beagle apparently wasn’t very interested in the cake, except more so for another guest, a cowboy-husk mix named Dante who was a total Cake Hound.

Dante is thoroughly enjoying the party.
Dante is thoroughly enjoying the party.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

The non-profit has taken possession of 43 rescued Beagles. Most of them are currently living in temporary foster homes, not just in shelters, although the organization notes that some of them also celebrated dogsest with their foster families.

Federal inspections reportedly found inhumane conditions at the Envigo facility, including filthy living spaces, overcrowding, and inadequate food and veterinary care. Veterinarians determined that 145 dogs were initially confiscated from the breeding center in “serious distress.” Last month, a federal judge approved plans to close the facility and keep about 4,000 dogs with animal rescue groups around the united states,

The Helen Woodward Animal Center said it already has hundreds of people express interest in the Beagle. the center is still accepting applicationsHowever, there are special requirements for potential adopters, including living within 500 miles of the animal shelter and “experience with beagles and/or fearful dogs.” That said, the organization has other dogs Also available for adoption.

And while the story of the rescued beagle has garnered national attention, many shelters across the country are becoming overwhelmed with dogs, cats and in some cases, even small animals. like guinea pigsas pet owners Struggling with rising costs,

“If you’ve been waiting for the time to bring an animal into your home, now is the time,” said Alison Lamond, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. Told the public radio station WHYY-FM earlier this summer. “Not only do we have a tough time, but we have a tough time in shelters across the region, across the country.”

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