September 25, 2022
Biden goes full ‘Dark Brandon’ in scathing impression of Republican hypocrisy

President Joe Biden seems to be taking off the gloves – and his supporters are loving it.

At an event on Thursday, he not only called on Republicans to claim credit for the infrastructure projects he voted against, he also gave the impression of ordinary GOP lawmakers doing the same.

A $1.2 trillion bill to improve roads, bridges, ports, water systems, high-speed Internet and more passed with the help of 13 Republicans in the House and 19 in the Senate.

“We got a little help from Republicans. Not a lot, but enough to get it passed,” Biden said Democratic National Committee summer meeting, “But the truth is that a lot more Republicans are taking credit for that bill than actually voting for it.”

In fact, many GOP lawmakers have made noise about upcoming projects in their states and districts as if they had a hand in it when they voted against it.

Biden made his mark.

“Now we’re going to build this new bridge here. We’re all for it. And, by the way, this new road,” he said, before returning to his normal voice: “I love them, man. They have no shame I. They have no shame.”

Biden used a similar line last year, minus the impression

“Some people have no shame,” he said of Republicans, who were bragging about projects that would benefit their districts, funded by bills they voted against. “But I’m glad they know it has benefited their constituents.”

He promised not to name them, but he put together a list of 13 examples, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California). According to NBC News,

But Thursday night’s comments, including his voice-changing gimmick, are part of a recent pattern of Biden, a bullish side that supporters have called “Dark Brandon.”

This refers to the nickname “Brandon” once used by conservatives as an insult to the president, which is now shunned by his supporters on the left:

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