August 15, 2022
Disgraced Papa John’s founder claims his ‘conservative values’ made better pizza

Former Papa John’s CEO and pizza chain founder John Schnatter is weighing in on giving “better pizza” and “better ingredients” to the company’s customers.

Schnatter said quality, service and culture drive a business before suggesting the single ingredient that makes Papa John’s successful.

“We have built the entire company on conservative values. The two most important characteristics in orthodox ideology are: Truth and God,” Schnatter said.

“If you run your life on principle… you’re going to win.”

Schnatter spoke Thursday during the “Back in the 1970s” segment at CPAC, and he secretly claimed There are “five entities” controlling the media, academia and “everything else”. He did not say what he thinks the five entities are.

This is not the first time the former CEO has made shocking statements.

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