October 3, 2022
GOP governors are increasing their use of migrants as political pawns

as the sun Heading into Washington, D.C., on Thursday morning, two buses carrying about 100 migrants from Del Rio, Texas, arrived outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory in the city’s northwest quadrant. It was the latest political stunt by Republicans to oppose President Joe Biden’s immigration policies – by sending waves of migrants to far-flung US locations chosen to maximize political influence and conservative glee.

Only 24 hours ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) sent two private planes with about 50 migrants from Venezuela and Colombia to Martha’s Vineyard Airport on Wednesday afternoon without warning local officials.

Democrats in Massachusetts condemned DeSantis, calling the move “basically racist“Reminds me of” reverse freedom ridesWhen Southern separatists and local KKK groups, angered by the civil rights fight, retaliated against northern liberals by settling African Americans in the north based on false promises.

“It’s deeply disgusting. It’s a cruel ploy that oppresses families who are looking for a better life,” State Sen. Julian Cyre, D-Tru, Told The Martha’s Vineyard Times,

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is to request The Justice Department launched an investigation into Texas and Florida’s migrant relocation programs, calling them “inhumane attempts to use children as political pawns.”

The political football of immigrants across the country has intensified only after Texas Gov. thousands of migrants and asylum seekers across the country, including Washington DC, New York and Chicago.

The offices of both Abbott and DeSantis are so straight that it is primarily a political trick, DeSantis also walked away and paid a videographer To join 50 migrants on the plane to Massachusetts “to capture footage of them being dropped.”

“States such as Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals, whom they have called our country by encouraging illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states,’ and by supporting the Biden administration’s open border policies.” I’ve been invited.” Communications Director of DeSantis Told on Thursday.

“We are asking the Biden administration to send migrants to his backyard to do his job and secure the border,” Abbott said. tweeted,

Republicans have argued that border towns have been overwhelmed by a surge of migrants from the southern border, and their concerns have been ignored by Biden. The latest antics, he argued, are a test for “sanctuary cities” in democratically organized states. (The term sanctuary cities has no fixed definition, but is broadly applied to jurisdictions that limit their association with deportation efforts, including for legal and public safety reasons.)

Republicans with presidential aspirations rushed to applaud the caravan – and even received seal of approval From Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Republican Voters also strongly accept.

Meanwhile, Democrats argued that those governors were essentially using migrants as political pawns and condemned the move as cruel and inhumane.

More than 9,400 migrants have been quarantined in Washington since April, a number not including Thursday’s arrival, and more than 2,100 sent to New York.

many of those migrants said they were the lure of the promise of relief, which never came. And those trips have come at a cost: As of August 9, Texas has spent over $12 million To settle those migrants in taxpayers money. Arizona has spent about $3.5 million To transport migrants to Washington, DC

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser declared public health emergency Last week because of an influx of arrivals, but promised to welcome migrants with food, transportation, urgent medical care and transportation to connect people to rehabilitation services. In every city where migrants have so far been settled, mutual aid groups, immigrant groups, and laypeople immediately meet newcomers with welcome banners, translators and food.

“These immigrants were not met by anarchy, they were met by compassion. We are a community and nation that is strong because of immigrants. The community coming together with water, food, interpretation aid, and resources to support these families is America.” represents the best of tweeted Dylan Fernandes, a state representative currently serving in the Massachusetts House, represents several districts, including Martha’s Vineyard.

The response from people on the ground has been surprising, said Jose Muoz, deputy communications director for United We Dream, which is the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country.

“What is really clear is that Republicans are trying to use every opportunity to divide us. They are trying to use fear as a driving tactic. And unfortunately, those who are coming to take shelter are caught in the crossfire,” said Munoz. “How our leaders respond to migration says a lot about their values ​​and their character.”

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