October 3, 2022
How Queen Elizabeth II Maintained a Special Relationship with the United States: “She Loved America”

throughout his lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II Always showed its deep involvement in maintaining close relations between the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

US Ambassador to the UK Jane Hartley told “CBS Mornings” that the United States had no close ally more than the Queen herself.

“I think she loved America, and we loved her. When I first arrived, it was just before the Platinum Jubilee, and I was amazed by the number of people on the street who just loved her. And there was a lot of respect. But there were many, many Americans,” Hartley said.

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Queen ordered that the Star Spangled Banner be played outside Buckingham Palace to show solidarity with the Americans.

Queen Elizabeth II met 13 current US presidents, She first met a US President in 1951 when she visited the US and met then-President Harry Truman.

Since then, he has ridden horses with then-President Ronald Reagan, attended baseball games with former President George H.W. Bush in Baltimore, and danced with former President Gerald Ford.

President Biden met the Queen for the first time as a US Senator in 1982.

last time he saw her Windsor Castle Last year the Queen hosted him and First Lady Jill Biden for tea.

Mr Biden and the First Lady went to the British Embassy in Washington to sign a condolence book for the Queen. He commented on her passing at a fundraiser.

Mr Biden said: “I had the opportunity to meet her before her passing and she was an incredibly decent and decent woman and the thoughts and prayers of the American people are with her in the grief of the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.”

The President said that he is likely to attend her upcoming funeral. All flags of US federal and military facilities are ordered to be flown at half-staff in honor of the Queen.

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