October 3, 2022
Howard Stern lays out 3 theories on Trump’s ‘crazy s**t’ at Mar-a-Lago

Howard Stern has three theories as to why former President Donald Trump, a former friend of Stern who frequently appeared on his radio shows, may have taken classified White House documents to his Mar-a-Lago property.

“This is some crazy bullshit going on,” the SiriusXM host said Monday of the federal investigation into Trump’s handling of sensitive government documents recovered from his Florida resort and home. “I don’t know how they don’t accuse dude.”

Stern’s first explanation was that Trump wanted a memento of his presidency.

“One, I know depending on the friend, even when he came into the office, he couldn’t believe he was in the office,” Stern said. “When those Russian ambassadors came to visit him, if you remember in the early days of his administration, he started showing him top secret documents saying, ‘Can you believe I have access to this shit? “

Stern’s second theory was that Trump was considering providing classified information to facilitate trade deals.

“This is a man who badly wants to do business with Russia and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

“Imagine if he says [those countries] ‘Look, man, give me two billion dollars and I’ll show you where France keeps its nuclear weapons and I know, you guys can see it all if you do business with me.’ That would be a real suspicious kind of horrible thing.”

“And then the third one is straight, ‘Hey, you guys want to buy this from me? I mean, I can sell it to you, Russia, for, as you know, $50 billion. You’ll know all of the nuclear secrets.’

Trump is being investigated for possible breaches of the Espionage Act after the FBI found classified material at his Florida resort on August 8, after several previous attempts to recover him and assurances from his legal team that all The requested documents were handed over.

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