October 5, 2022
Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Most ‘Disturbing’ Part Of Tucker Carlson’s Weird Habit

Carlson claimed on “Fox and Friends” that male bosses do not harass female subordinates.

“Let’s stop lying about it,” Carlson said. “Everyone knows the truth: Women are tougher on women than men in the workplace. It’s absolutely true, I’m sorry. You’re not allowed to say that? I don’t care, it’s true!”

Carlson’s boast ended with his trademark cackle, a goal Kimmel found too easy.

“I don’t hate women, I laugh like a woman,” Kimmel said. “Ever since Joaquin Phoenix strangled his mother in the movie ‘The Joker,’ I haven’t heard the disturbing laughter.”

See more in his Thursday night monologue:

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