August 18, 2022
Joe Biden still testing positive for COVID-19

President Joe Biden Tested positive for COVID-19 again on Monday.

one in Letter Released by the White House, Biden’s physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor said the president was “feeling well” at the start of his week.

“Given his rebound positivity, which we reported on Saturday, we continue to monitor daily,” O’Connor wrote. “This morning, as could have been predicted, his SARS-CoV-2 antigen test came back positive.”

The letter also said Biden would continue to take “strict isolation measures as previously described.”

The New York Times’ Peter Baker Told According to the White House, Biden has “slight symptoms” including a “dry cough and sniffles.”

HuffPost has contacted the White House for more information.

Biden tests positive for COVID-19 second time on Saturday. He tested positive for the virus for the first time 21 July And then recovered and tested negative several days later.

O’Connor said Biden’s symptoms included runny nose, fatigue and dry cough when he first tested positive.

one in memo sent on saturdayO’Connor describes Biden’s second positive diagnosis Affects a small percentage of individuals treated as a “rebound” case paxlovid, An antiviral drug that stops the coronavirus from replicating in the body.

“After testing negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning, the president tested positive on Saturday morning, by antigen test,” O’Connor said. “It really represents ‘rebound positivity.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19, CDC Advises adults age 65 and older to get their COVID-19 vaccine and booster, limit personal interactions, social distance when possible, and wash their hands, among other things.

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