September 30, 2022
John Fetterman’s New Ad Is a Highlight Reel of Dr. Oz’s Shady Medical Claims

,Too bad, there’s no miracle cure for being a total fraud,” Fetterman tweeted, along with a video anthology of Oz touting All kinds of miracle remedies, including crystal sonic therapy, raspberry ketones, and of course, exorcism.

This is nothing new for Oz, who has been criticized by fellow physicians since 2014. study Turns out that more than half of his medical advice was completely wrong.

In 2015, a group of leading doctors Urging the medical dean of Columbia University to remove Oz from the medical school’s faculty, saying that he “Guilty of either an outrageous conflict of interest or an erroneous judgment about appropriate medical treatment, or both. ,

Judging by the response to Fetterman’s ad, many Twitter users feel the same way.

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