December 10, 2022
John Oliver Reveals the ‘Super F**ked Up’ History Museum Hope You Never Learned

Some of the world’s major museums are full of loot and stolen items and John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight” has had enough.

“If you’re ever looking for a missing artifact, nine times out of ten it’s in the British Museum,” he explained. “It’s basically the world’s largest ‘lost and found’ with both ‘lost’ and ‘found’ in the heaviest possible quotation marks.”

A prime example: the Elgin Marbles, aka the Parthenon Marbles, taken from Greece in the 19th century by Lord Elgin and currently in the British Museum.

“They weren’t lost. They were taken, which is obviously worse. It’s like being unable to find the last puzzle piece and learning that you really didn’t do it wrong,” he said. “A British earl broke into your house, stole it, and then sold it to a museum 1,000 miles away.”

Oliver criticized the “incredibly patronizing” arguments of those protecting the British Museum and other stores of stolen goods.

Some claim that the objects were taken at a different time and imply that there is a different context to consider.

But as Oliver pointed out, in 1868 British Prime Minister William Gladstone said that he “deeply mourned” the items looted from Ethiopia by the British army and called for their return.

“He was saying that in 1868!” Oliver said. “We didn’t even know how to cure a UTI without a leech, but we knew it was ‘deeply regrettable’ to raid other countries for their shit, which is British for ‘super mess’.”

Watch his full removal below… and be sure to stick around for a tour of the “Payback Museum” featuring Kumail Nanjiani:

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