August 15, 2022
Marilyn Monroe estate defends Ana de Armas’ casting in Netflix biopic

Although Monroe’s estate has not officially authorized the film, Mark Rosen, president of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which owns the property, where variety He approved de Armas in the title role.

“Marilyn Monroe is a singular Hollywood and pop culture icon who transcends generations and history,” Rosen said. “Any actor who steps into that role knows they have big shoes to fill. Based on the trailer alone, it looks like Anna was a great casting choice because she captures Marilyn’s glamour, humanity, and vulnerability.” We can’t wait to see the film in its entirety!”

He said The Times of London In January 2021 he spent months working with coaches trying to sound like Monroe and it was not easy. “It took me nine months of bid coaching, and practice, and a few ADR sessions [to get the accent right], It was a great torture, so exhausting. My mind was fried. What does ADR mean? automatic dialog replacementPost-production process where the lines of an actor are re-recorded.

The film will release globally on 23 September. the director Andrew Dominic told Vulture That it has “something to offend everybody.”

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