August 12, 2022
New York couple turns 5-foot gator into ‘Zachary’ they used to live in

The scale of justice seems to have gone in favor of an American alligator named Zachary.

Zachary, 9 years and 5 feet tall, will be taken to a licensed wildlife sanctuary in New York state after living in a fish tank as an illegal pet. His previous owners gave him this week the Suffolk County SPCA. surrendered to the authorities of said in facebook post With pictures of reptiles.

The crocodile’s former owners were a husband and wife who kept him in an empty fish tank, ABC 7 New York told, The couple had bought Zach out of state, but they weren’t allowed to own an alligator, and said they weren’t able to care for him when they replaced him.

“Alligators do not make good pets, are a danger to the public, and are illegal to own without a permit.” [New York State Department of Environmental Conservation]Suffolk County SPCA Chief Ray Gross Told NBC New York, “These are very, very dangerous animals. They can cause serious injury or even death. … I can’t imagine someone sitting on a couch with a crocodile wrapped around their lap. It doesn’t make any sense.”

NYSDEC captain Timothy Barnes made a similar comment.

“Our message is: don’t own these,” he said.

The NYSDEC and Suffolk County SPCA are allowing owners of illegal exotic animals to own them without fines or fees, and urging people not to release such animals into the wild.

People releasing alligators are a surprisingly common problem on Long Island, where Suffolk County is located. The SPCA noted on Facebook that 22 alligators were released on Long Island in one year.

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