September 30, 2022
Ted Cruz won’t change gun control stance after seeing photo of dead Uvalde victim

The sight of a 10-year-old Uvalde school shooting victim reportedly won’t change the stance of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on a ban on assault weapons.

Alexandria Aniyah “Lexi” Rubio’s mother Kimberly Mata-Rubio — who was one of 19 students and two teachers killed in a mass shooting at Rob’s Elementary School in May — tweeted that she and her husband Felix went on to discuss Met Cruz on Wednesday. gun law.

Mother-Rubio, whose daughter was described as “the one”Driven, athletic, intelligent and funThe fourth-grade student wrote on Twitter that she shared the last photo of Lexi with Cruise. The photo shows their daughter Lexi in a child-sized coffin.

Mata-Rubio said he asked Cruz to “protect his constituents” by supporting a federal assault weapons ban.

“He refused,” wrote Mata-Rubio. “Instead, he said he supports increasing law enforcement presence on school campuses.”

A spokesman for Cruz told The Texas Tribune that “he saw firsthand the pain and grief caused by the unspeakable violence at Robb Elementary School” during his visit with the family.

Mata-Rubio said that she and her husband agreed to the meeting with Cruz because they wanted him to share his plan for safe schools before him, Texas Tribune reported,

She said that Cruz suggested more funding for mental health workers as well as school resource officers, according to the newspaper, yet she disagreed, adding that more law enforcement in schools does not mean that children are “protected”. “Will be.

“After meeting with him, Sen. Cruz went to the Senate floor to fight for his school safety legislation,” the spokesman said.

“Unfortunately, Senate Democrats blocked it without explaining why they support doubling the number of police officers in schools, hiring 15,000 school-based mental health professionals, and increasing physical security for children in schools.” don’t.”

Twitter users comment on Texas senator Posture While others called him heartless for the exchange.

Mata-Rubio gave “tearful testimony” about her daughter before the House Oversight Committee in June and called for strict gun control measures, Reported by the San Antonio Express-News,

Mata-Rubio said the couple also spoke with representatives of other GOP senators. She estimated that the couple’s meeting with Cruz could not have lasted more than five minutes.

“While they clearly, probably don’t support the bill, they just had more questions and were more sympathetic than our meeting with Ted Cruz,” she said. “It was really disappointing because this is our representative.”

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