September 25, 2022
Teen shoots two men during Texas home invasion

A 17-year-old was at a Channelview, Texas, residence when three armed men wearing masks forced their way into the home. The teens later grabbed a shotgun and opened fire on the men, killing two of them, officials said on Saturday.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said another 17-year-old, a 12-year-old and an adult woman were also in the home during Friday night’s incident.

Two men were pronounced dead on the spot, and the third man fled, in what officials described as a dark-coloured, four-door sedan. No one else was injured, the police said.

Gonzalez said the case would be presented before a grand jury.

Channelview, a suburb of Houston, is home to approximately 45,000 people. Texas ranks number 1 in gun ownership Last year, according to data from RAND Corporation. The state issued more than 1 million gun licenses in 2021, and 45.7% of adults say they live in homes with guns.

Earlier this year, a Houston homeowner shot dead an alleged home invader and a man allegedly shot and killed a man Forced into his mother’s Houston home,

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