August 10, 2022
Texas City Tells NRA-Linked Groups to Keep Its Gun Raffles Elsewhere

Hondo City Council voted 4-1 on Monday to cancel the rental agreement for Friends of the NRA to hold its fundraiser Saturday at the city’s Medina Fair Hall.

The vote came after an angry crowd condemned the incident, which involved a raffle of a semi-automatic rifle used in a shootout 44 miles (70 km) east of Uvalde’s Robb Elementary School on May 24. The 18-year-old was like a gunman. Why Hondo?

The group has held similar fundraisers at Hall for nearly 15 years and rented Hall out last spring, San Antonio Express-News informed of, Hondo is 33 miles (53 kilometers) west of San Antonio.

Supporters of the local National Rifle Association group insisted that the event helped teach youth how to handle firearms responsibly and that there was no disrespect to Rob Elementary Dead. Others in the crowd condemned the incident and its timing on Monday.

“We as parents deserve better than this. I mean, you can’t sit here and try to sell a rifle that killed our kids, you know, less than 60 days after he passed away,” said American Joe Garza. said stepfather ngel Garza, who was among those killed.

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