August 15, 2022
The Woman With The Longest Nails Ever Took Them Out For A Heartbreaking Reason

a minneapolis woman The Guinness World Record for having the longest nails for any woman ever has been made in her name.

Diana Armstrong has been declared the world record holder in the categories of “longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female)” and “longest nails on a pair of hands (female)”, by Guinness announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Armstrong’s nails are 42 feet, 10.4 inches long. This is equal to six times the height of LeBron James, with a little over 2 feet left. nba star is 6 feet 9 inches long.

Minnesota's Diana Armstrong's nails are the world's longest—42 feet in total.
Minnesota’s Diana Armstrong’s nails are the world’s longest—42 feet in total.

Kevin Scott Ramos / Guinness World Records

“I’ve always had long nails, but not to that extent,” Armstrong said in a Guinness release sent to HuffPost via email. “I always had long nails, even when I was younger. My mom always grew her nails, so I always had nails like my mom.”

But it was a family tragedy that set him on his way to a world record. In 1997, after her daughter Latisha died of an asthma attack at the age of 16, she stopped biting her nails.

The day before her death, Latisha polished her mother’s nails. Armstrong could no longer bear to bite them.

,[My kids] Never knew why I was growing them. I didn’t tell anyone. I kept it to myself until I finally told [my kids] Why was I raising them,” Armstrong said. “And they were like, ‘Why didn’t you tell us that?’ Because everyone was being embarrassed by what people were saying. It made them feel bad, so I felt bad, so I just told them: ‘You can ask me to cut my nails but I can’t. ‘”

Armstrong’s grandson now maintains her nails, often spending five hours filling in and polishing nails—using 20 bottles of nail polish at a time.

He has had to adapt in other ways as well. Armstrong has to avoid clothing with zippers and has given up driving because his nails make it too hard.

beats his nails Previous record of 18 feet, 9.7 inches Previously owned by Texas woman Ayanna Williams,

Armstrong’s right thumbnail is the longest, measuring 4 feet, 6.7 inches, while the shortest finger—his left pinky—nails at 3 feet, 7 inches by comparison.

Armstrong became emotional when he officially received a certificate recognizing his achievement.

“I think he [Tisha] I would be proud of me because he is the last one who did my nails,” she said. “That’s what I think of when I grow my nails, I have a daughter.”

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