December 1, 2022
Trevor Noah Highlights 1 Lesson Trump Can Teach That Isn’t On ‘Law & Order’

Trevor Noah is backing former President Donald Trump with his legal maneuvers after the FBI discovered documents during a search of the Mar-a-Lago property last month.

“The Daily Show” host, who joked earlier on the show that the “J” in Trump’s name stood for “January 6,” provided an overview of classified folders and contents discovered at the former president’s home. They also discussed a Trump-appointed judge, who approved a request by Trump’s legal team to grant a “special master” to review material seized by the FBI.

Noah asked his audience if any of them knew what a “special guru” was before Trump’s legal team requested it.

“I’ve watched 10 million hours of ‘Law & Order.’ I know about the summons. I know about the detention, the objections, the constant, the dismissal, breaking the chain of side bars in my cells.” Noah said. “But I haven’t heard the word ‘Special Master’ even once. But once again, thanks to Trump, for his hard work and dedication to taking offense, we all learned something new today.”

Check out the rest of Noah’s comments in the video below:

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