August 9, 2022
Tucker Carlson launches new attack on Kamala Harris

“At this point the Democratic Party is a cartel that exists only to sustain itself and the elderly mediators who benefit from it,” Carlson said.

“All of them. Carmella Harris is 57 now.”

Carlson continued to repeat her “Carmella” name for Harris.

“Kamala, Kimala, Carmella, whatever, Vice President, what is she doing?” Carlson asked.

The Fox News host withdrew his name in 2020, and he wasn’t happy when his guest, former Democratic presidential campaign adviser Richard Goodstein, corrected him.

“So it begins. You’re not allowed to criticize Kamala Harris, or Kamala Harris, or whatever.

“It’s nothing,” Goodstein said.

You can watch a clip of the exchange below.

Carlson has a history of misspelling names on his shows, whether it’s ottawa either CNN anchor Don LemonHowever, he particularly fails when it comes to the names of left-leaning people of color.

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