August 7, 2022
‘What an a**hole!’  Trevor Noah reveals strange new form of Trump’s ‘infidelity’

Trevor Noah told “The Daily Show” on Tuesday that Donald Trump managed to deliver “one of the weirdest commercials ever.”

“He can support any Eric in the world,” Noah said, then corrected himself as a picture of Eric Trump on screen. “Okay, no Eric, but you know what I mean.”

As Noah pointed out, the former president called Schmidt to say he won support, then called Greetens with the same message—neglecting to tell each that he was actually endorsing both.

“what rubbish!” Noah said. “Yaar Nikla Toh brings in infidelity in his advertisements too. He is the first politician to have Eric as a side.”

Schmidt eventually won the primary on Tuesday night.

See more in his Tuesday monologue:

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