October 4, 2022
Willie Seal surrenders at the police station after sneaking into Massachusetts Pondo

BEVERLY, Mass (AP) – A seal making its home in a pond in Massachusetts surrendered at a police station Friday morning, after escaping from officers.

The gray seal first appeared earlier this month at Shoe Pond in downtown Beverly, northeast of Boston. The animal is believed to have traveled from sea to pond via river and drainage pipe.

The seal quickly became a local attraction and was even named “Shobert” after its chosen pond.

Firefighters and wildlife experts on Thursday used boats and giant nets to try to catch the cunning animal, but gave up after several hours. According to a police statement, on Friday morning, however, Schubert left the pond, crossed a parking lot and appeared outside the door next to the local police station, “for some help.”

According to a Facebook post from the Beverly Police Department, the seal was quickly removed by a team of wildlife experts, firefighters and the police department’s “full midnight shift.”

“Schobert appeared to be in good health and was slightly troubled in the early morning hours,” the department reported.

The seal was taken to the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut, where marine biologists would care for it before deciding to release it back into the wild.

“Your friends here will miss you dearly,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “You brought a lot of happiness and joy to our city in the last one week. Feel free to come back and visit anytime!”

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