September 30, 2022
5 year old girl in America, born with half a heart, struggle for life

5 year old girl in America, born with half a heart, struggle for life

The girl’s parents are expecting a miracle. (representative image)

According to a report, a five-year-old girl in the United States is fighting for her life after suffering from extremely rare heart syndrome. ABC News-related wcvb, is located in Boston. Katherine Lange was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Doctors had told her parents about the condition, which results in difficulty in breathing among other symptoms. Due to heart defects, the left side of the heart becomes underdeveloped. Her parents are now fighting against all odds with the hope that she will be fine.

Gary Lang, the girl’s father, said, “We found out we were 20 weeks pregnant and found out we were going to have this heart defect and they gave us some options.” by outlet, “They told us ‘Well, you have to move to Colorado, or somewhere else because no one can do surgery in New Mexico.

“She had three open heart surgeries – one at four days old, one at four months old and one at 2.5 years old,” Mr Lang continued. “He’s had about 10 heart catheterizations. In the past 12 months, he’s drawn more than 40 blood. He’s ready for his 11th heart catheterization procedure before the end of the year. You look at this perfectly healthy baby and you see a Know in the minute, he might have a stroke.”

Apart from heart ailment, the girl is also suffering from liver leakage.

“This is called protein-losing enteropathy and is related to the lymphatic system leaking into the liver and blood passing through the resistance passages and pushing down on the liver, leaking its albumin,” says Mr. Lang he said.

The family is hoping the medicine will work. But if all else fails, he will need a heart and a living transplant to save his life.

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