October 3, 2022
Charles will be declared King today, 2 days after the Queen’s death

Charles will be declared King today, 2 days after the Queen’s death

King Charles Update: King Charles has named Prince William as the new Prince of Wales.

Britain’s Charles III will be officially declared king in a ceremony on Saturday, a day after he vowed in his first speech to bereaved subjects that he would emulate his “dear maternal uncle”, Queen Elizabeth II.

The 73-year-old automatically became monarch upon the Queen’s death on Thursday, but an accession council ceremony at St James’s Palace early Saturday is a constitutional formality to recognize her sovereignty.

King Charles said in his first address to the nation yesterday: “As the Queen herself did with such unshakable devotion, I also now solemnly pledge that God will keep me, for the rest of the time, in the heart of our nation.” grants to uphold constitutional principles.” ,

Here are updates from King Charles:

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Queen Elizabeth will remain on Canadian currency “for years to come”

Canada, a former British colony, has a new head of state. But the face of Queen Elizabeth II will remain on its currency.

“The existing polymer $20 banknote is intended to circulate for years to come. There is no legislative requirement to change the design within the stipulated period upon replacement of the Monarch,” Bank of Canada spokesman Paul Badertscher said via email on Thursday. ”

Charles to be declared king in first televised ceremony

Britain’s Charles will be officially proclaimed King in a ceremony on Saturday and will be the first time the Council of Accession will be televised, reports the BBC. The moment his mother died, Charles automatically became king, so the announcement of the council would be a formal one.

Flags would be flown at full mast for 24 hours to honor the new king, before returning to half-mast.

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