October 4, 2022
“Didn’t get a job?”  UK job firm takes a dig at Rishi Sunak who lost to Liz Truss

“Didn’t get a job?”  UK job firm takes a dig at Rishi Sunak who lost to Liz Truss

A UK recruitment firm mocks Rishi Sunak

Politics is a cruel business. Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss defeated former Indian-origin Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the race to become the next British Prime Minister. Soon after, a UK recruitment company, CV Library, began advertising at Mr. Sunak’s expense. The job-based site took a dig at the candidate in its new billboards. The face of the former Chancellor of the Exchequer was seen on mobile billboards on the streets of Britain.

His face appeared next to the slogan: “Can’t find a job?” in bold letters. Below the tagline was, “We have a job for everyone. Find a job that works for you.”

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Mr Sunak, 42, took to Twitter soon after his defeat to thank all who voted for him. The former British Indian former chancellor tweeted, “I’ve said the whole time that conservatives are one family. It’s true that we are now united behind the new prime minister, Liz Truss, as she runs the country through tough times.”

Netizens were not happy with the marketing campaign carried out by CV Library. a Linkedin The user wrote, “News aside, am I the only one who thinks this “novel” method of digital advertising is horrible and not extremely environmentally conscious? Touring minivans with screens on the streets of petrol is irresponsible. Seems like a waste, contributing to the traffic jam, not to mention the pollution it causes.” Another user commented, “Outrageous! No matter who the photo is, whether it’s Sage, Liz, Boris, Tony, Margaret et al; if your kid didn’t get the job they wanted, do we laugh? If they were in the public eye I guess it’s ok? If she had a visual disability, identify as someone other than her, would you show her face in the ad with the same comment? I don’t get it!! ! Mad world #bekind my comment has nothing to do with politics.”

This is not the first time that CV Library has taken a dig at a political leader. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also a victim of the company’s marketing campaign. Mr Johnson was targeted when he stepped down as prime minister, with the job site running an ad with a slogan: ‘Resign today? Find a new job that works for you.’

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