August 10, 2022
Military readiness in China amid tensions with Taiwan, build-up videos show

Beijing says Pelosi’s visit would violate the one-China principle.

New Delhi:

As tensions mount over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, social media users reported heavy movements of armored vehicles and other military equipment near the border with the island nation, which China claims to be its territory. claims that.

Chinese social media handle “Yin Sura” posted a video clip showing a column of Chinese armored vehicles on a busy road as they were crossing it in a car.

Another video, shot from a foot-over bridge, gives a bird’s eye view of tanks rolling down the streets.

The next video shows trucks carrying tanks on top of them.

Beijing has warned that Ms Pelosi’s visit will have “very serious” consequences. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said the visit was by no means an individual act and that if the US went ahead with it, China would “take any retaliatory action that is legitimately necessary”.

Meanwhile, the White House has warned China against overreaction and has deployed four warships to the east of the island on “regular” deployments.

Both Chinese and Taiwanese media have also posted cleverly edited videos showcasing their war preparedness and lethal weapons.

A social media user named “Flash” posted a video purportedly showing a combat vigilante guarding Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Chinese state-affiliated media The Global Times reported “War ready!” Posted a video with caption. Showcase your attack ship.

Russia has backed China, warning Washington that such a provocative visit would put the United States on a collision course with Beijing.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned US President Joe Biden against playing with fire on Taiwan in a call last week, but three sources told Reuters on Tuesday that Pelosi is still set to visit the island.

Beijing says Pelosi’s visit would violate the one-China principle that Washington has vowed to adhere to.

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