October 3, 2022
NASA’s Juno Mission Captures Jupiter’s Intricate Swirl Colors

NASA’s Juno Mission Captures Jupiter’s Intricate Swirl Colors

The Juno spacecraft captured the image during its 43rd close flyby of Jupiter on July 5.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently captured the complex colors and composition of Jupiter’s surface. The striking image depicts swirls of turquoise, milky white, deep ocher and deep blue covering the planet’s surface in a mesmerizing way.

one in Press releaseThe Juno probe captured the picture during its 43rd close flyby of Jupiter on July 5, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said. The spacecraft was at a distance of 5,300 kilometers from the top of the gas giant’s cloud when the picture was taken.

“Citizen scientist Bj√∂rn Jonsson created these two images using raw data from the JunoCam instrument aboard the spacecraft,” NASA said.


It further explained that the image on the left showed the scene as it would be visible to a human observer in Juno’s position. In the image at right, Mr. Jonson digitally enhances color saturation and contracts to let the complex composition of the planet’s atmosphere come to the fore.

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“It clearly reveals some of the most interesting aspects of Jupiter’s atmosphere, including the color variation that results from the different chemical composition, the three-dimensional nature of Jupiter’s swirling vortices, and the small, bright” pop-up. “Clouds that form in higher parts of the atmosphere,” the US space agency said.

Juno was launched in 2011. It has been exploring the gas giant since 2016. The probe completes one revolution every 43 days, circling the planet in a highly elliptical orbit. Earlier this year, Juno made its closest approach to Jupiter, just 3,300 kilometers above the planet’s cloud tops.

The spacecraft was originally scheduled to be retired in 2021, but now Juno will continue its operation until at least 2025.

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