September 30, 2022
Parents and students “traumatized” in US after schoolgirls ask them to forgive rapists on field trip

Parents and students “traumatized” in US after schoolgirls ask them to forgive rapists on field trip

At the event, the church group spoke about a number of black controversial topics. (representative photo)

About 2,100 students in the United States were recently sent from their high school to college and career fairs. Instead, they were taken to a church separated by gender, and given two wildly different experiences.

According to newsweekHigh school students across Louisiana attended a “college and career fair” Tuesday at the Living Faith Christian Center. In the incident, schoolgirls were reportedly told about “forgiving the offender” in rape cases. Several parents complained about the program, saying that their daughters felt “deceived” for attending an event where they were “converted and prayed”.

Citing local media outlets Advocate, Newsweek reported that Brittany Byrant, a biology teacher at Woodlawn High, complained with a child at the same school about “gender-segregated” dialogue for girls and boys. Ms Bryant said the girls were framed by three women who spoke about “rape and forgiving the offender, suicide, prayer leadership and many other darkly controversial topics”.

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The biology teacher claimed that her transgender child, who identifies as male, was also initially barred from leaving “girls talk”. “Other students poured water on the heads of transgender students, without any consequences for an adult,” Ms Bryant reportedly said.

She also said that “no topic was discussed” in the boys’ programme. Instead, male students participated in a push-up competition with money prizes, he said.

Alexis Budach, a senior high school student, also complained about the incident. According to the outlet, she said that most students opted to participate in field trips on the promise of free meals and an opportunity to skip class. “However, most of the students were not only disappointed by the incident, but also traumatized,” claimed Ms. Budych.

In response to the criticism, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System issued a statement. He described the event as “the height of a traditional college and career fair”. “We look forward to seeing what our more than 2,100 student participants will continue to achieve with the resources and knowledge gained from this event,” he said.

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Separately, 29:11 Mentoring Family – the organizers of the event and a local Christian non-profit – stated that the program was designed to “give young people resources and tools as they prepare for their next steps after high school.” make preparations”. He also claimed that he received “countless messages” of support and appreciation from attendees for the event. “We are excited to continue to offer this program in the future,” the organization said.

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