October 4, 2022
Priti Patel resigns as UK Home Secretary hours after Liz Truss wins PM race

Priti Patel resigns as UK Home Secretary hours after Liz Truss wins PM race

Priti Patel expressed deep respect on serving as UK Home Secretary. (file)


Priti Patel has decided to resign as UK Home Secretary and plans not to serve in the cabinet of newly-elected Prime Minister Liz Truss.

In a letter to outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Ms Patel wrote: “After Liz Truss formally took office and a new Home Secretary was appointed, her public service to the country and the Witham constituency has been put on the backbench. It’s my choice to continue with.”

He congratulated Liz Truss on being elected as the country’s new leader and pledged his support to her as the new prime minister. “From the backbench, I will support many policies and causes I have stood for, both inside and outside the government,” she said.

He expressed his deep respect for having served as the UK Home Secretary for the past three years. “I am proud of our work supporting the police, improving our immigration system, and protecting our country,” she wrote.

“It is a great honor and privilege to serve the nation with you during your premiership,” Patel wrote for outgoing PM Boris Johnson.

Recalling Johnson’s contribution during his tenure as PM, Patel wrote, “In July 2019, when you became Prime Minister, our political system was torn apart. Parliament was tearing itself apart as some MPs voted for democracy. showed contempt for and tried desperately to block Brexit.”

He said, “You made a clear plan to complete Brexit, break the deadlock in parliament, and won a historic Conservative victory in the 2019 general election, the largest share of the vote for a political party since Margaret Thatcher.” won,” she said.

“Under your leadership, we have made our country safer, strengthened law and order, fulfilled our manifesto commitments, and laid a strong foundation for our successors to build on No. 10 and the Home Office,” Ms Patel continued.

Liz Truss was announced today as the new head of the Conservative Party. Forty-seven-year-old Liz Truss will become Britain’s third female prime minister.

He defeated Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, via postal ballots from all Conservative members. Truss got 81,326 votes while Sunak got 60,399 votes.

“I am honored to be elected leader of the Conservative Party. Thank you for placing your trust in me to lead and deliver our great country. I wish to help us all through these difficult times, our economy.” Will take bold steps to develop, and unleash the potential of the United Kingdom,” Truss wrote on Twitter.

The Tory leadership race had begun after Boris Johnson was forced to step down on 7 July following a series of resignations from cabinet members who opposed his scandal-ridden leadership.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss rose to the Conservative ranks to end up as finalists in the competition for the post of Prime Minister of Britain. After nearly a dozen polls and six weeks of one-on-one contests, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak had spoken out about their long-term vision for Britain. Both contenders went through 12 nationwide matches with the first bout in Leeds, northern England.

Truss indicated that she would back strongly against “left-wing identity politics” as she envisioned legislation for single-sex places such as domestic violence shelters. Mr. Sunak advocated reduction in VAT to revive the economic condition of the country.

Roadmap 2030 for the future India-UK relationship was launched in May last year during a virtual summit between the two countries. This roadmap is for revitalizing and dynamic people-to-people connections, re-energizing trade, investment and technical cooperation.

During his visit to India this year, Truss along with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed satisfaction at the progress made so far with regard to the Roadmap 2030 and to further intensify efforts to deliver results in the priority sectors of trade and investment, defense and migration. agreed upon.

Both sides appreciated the substantial progress made in the India-UK FTA negotiations with two productive visits since its launch in January 2022.

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