December 10, 2022
Sydney United 58 fans condemned for Nazi salute during Australia Cup final
Sydney United fans during the Australia Cup final
Sydney United became the first non-A-League team to reach the final of the 58 Australia Cup

A senior government official has said supporters displaying Nazi symbols and salutes in the Australia Cup final “should be banned for life”.

Football Australia (FA) said it “strongly condemns the actions of a small minority” of Sydney United 58 fans after it initiated disciplinary action.

New South Wales State Premier Dominic Perrott said the behavior of some supporters was “absolutely appalling”.

The club said it was “concerned” by reports of supporters’ actions.

Sydney United 58 said in a statement that it has “zero tolerance for disrespect, racism or discrimination of any kind”.

The club said it would work with the authorities to conduct a “full investigation”.

Supporters’ attempts to drown the Indigenous reception ahead of kick-off at the Western Sydney Stadium are also being investigated.

The FA said on Monday it had issued a show-cause notice to semi-professional side Sydney United 58, requiring the club to respond before any sanctions could be imposed.

The governing body said it was working with New South Wales Police to “determine strong and swift action on any antisocial behaviour”.

Images on social media showed some Sydney United supporters giving a Nazi salute during a match.

“It has no place, not just in sports games, but anywhere in our state, and I know the police are looking into it,” Perrott said.

“Those who did this through those salutes should be banned for life.”

Chanting and cheering during the Welcome to Country – a practice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples before the match – will be considered part of the FA investigation.

Football Australia National Indigenous Advisory Group (NIAG) president Jade North said: “Last night’s incidents were unnoticed due to some individuals and groups at the stadium.”

“This type of behavior was abusive and should not continue in our sport and approach should be changed.”

The first non-A-League team to reach the final, Sydney United 58, formerly known as Sydney Croatia, lost 2–0 to Macarthur FC in front of a crowd of 16,461 on Saturday.

The club’s board said, “The club is committed to creating an environment that is respectful and inclusive, which allows members of our community to celebrate their heritage in a meaningful and responsible way.”

“Those who do not align themselves with these values ​​are not welcome at Sydney United 58 FC and their views will never be tolerated.”

The FA said that eight people were evicted during the match “to address some isolated behavior by a small minority of individuals”.

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